Rise of the Guardians

25 Nov

Rise of the Guardians

Grade: B+

Release: 11-21-2012

Rated: PG

Run time: 97 Minutes

Director: Peter Ramsey

Staring: (The voices of)

Chris Pine,Jude Law, Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Isla Fisher

Rise of the Guardians is based on William Joyce’s “Guardians of Childhood” series and I wish they used that title for the movie.  This isn’t an origin story for the Guardians of Childhood.  The movie makes it clear that the Guardians (Santa Claus, Sandman, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy) have been doing their job for quite a while.  It even indicates that there have been other battles between them and Pitch (The villain) in the past.  This story is about how Jack Frost joined the ranks of the Guardians.

The story follows the basic hero arc, but it is well done and the characters are all unique versions of fairy tales myths that are well known throughout western culture.  This story is the childhood, about belief and good triumphing over evil.  If you didn’t grow up believing in Santa or the Easter bunny, you can hopefully still relate to the idea of the Guardians wanting to protect the innocence of childhood that Pitch is trying to take away.

This story is rated PG and might be a bit scary for really young children.  The animation is well done, as I have come to expect from Dreamworks, and the 3-D adds to the overall experience.  I think this film can be enjoyed by all ages.  Even us old folks need a good reminder every now and then of what it was like to be a child – the hopes and dreams as well as the fears and loneliness — and what it was like to believe.


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